R.O.E Hobby is hard to define...  

One thing for sure, we are not your typical hobby gaming store.

We started as the brainchild of our resident Army Veteran while he was serving in Iraq.  Sure, we have your standard role playing games, miniatures, trading card games, etc. but we also understand that some gamers are “growing up” and have families.  This we understand firsthand!  

Our staff and our wonderful customers have become more like family than just a name or game played. At any time, you may hear conversations range from game techniques and instructions, to recipes that are a must try, to what engine is in the car, to best deals to do with your kids ... and maybe even some football talk too. Whatever your game is, our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and at home, no matter your experience level or background.  

So, we extend a royal invitation for you to join our court and be our honored guest at R.O.E. Hobby.