Dark Legacy: The Rising – Darkness vs Divine Starter Set


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Dark Legacy: The Rising is a unique card battle game that mixes strategy, character-building and dice rolling. You take on the role of a hero within one of six different clashing factions on the war-torn planet Titan. To defeat your opponent, you can build up a deck of magic spells that no one can withstand and summon the strongest army with the unique and various weapons, armor and relics by rolling the d20. Darkness: The Darkness faction is comprised of the living dead. Their cards thrive on death by bringing creatures back from the grave or increasing in strength as more creatures get sent to the discard. Their goal is to spread death and decay across Titan. Divine: The Divine faction is the last organized religion left on the planet of Titan. Their cards bring forth healing and protection to you and your creatures. Through protection and regeneration the Divine faction is able to cleanse the evil and destructive nature of the Darkness Faction.


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