HeroQuest The Frozen Horror


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HeroQuest, a board game classic HeroQuest is a fantasy adventure game that blends elements of board games and role-playing games. Players take on well-known fantasy characters such as a barbarian, a dwarf, an elf and an enchanter. While one player takes on the role of Morcar, the Game Master, the other adventurers embark on a fantasy quest. Protect the Northland from an evil creature The tribal elders have called you to protect Northland from a great danger. The Ice Horror, an evil creature long thought to be banished, has risen from its icy grave to await Zargon’s command. The third HeroQuest expansion, The Ice Horror, adds new monsters, mercenaries, artifacts, spells, traps, rooms and a 10-quest adventure set in the Arctic. This expansion requires the base game to play.

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