The Arrival


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In a time long forgotten, the cruel Fomori rule over Érin, the green island. They praise their king Balor, who reigns from his fortifications in the north with an iron fist. Each Player becomes a Tribe Leader trying to gain control over the mythical island of Erin while simultaneously fighting off the relentless demon like Fomori. The players face a dilemma: Do they spread across the island aggressively at the risk of growing more corrupt and strengthening the power of the Fomori, or do they proceed more carefully, potentially losing ground to the Fomori and the other Tribes. Includes: • 1 Map, 1 Rulebook • 54 Earning Cards • 6 Tribe Leader Cards • 4 Overview Boards • 1 First Player Tile • 50 Fomori Tiles • 4 Balor’s Castle Tiles • 92 Resources (20 Sword Disks, & 60 Building Disks) • 30 Tactic Tiles • 8 Tracking Tokens • 8 Wooden Blockers • 1 Wooden Round Counter The game ends when a certain number of rounds have been played or somebody reaches the corruption limit. The winner is either the one with the highest amount of Fame Points or the one with the fewest Corruption Points.


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