Private Rooms

Reserve a private room for your next game night! Our red room (Gothic dinning hall theme) fits 6 comfortably, and holds up to 8 gamers. Our blue room (Enchanted forest theme) fits 8, and holds up to 10 gamers. Both rooms are an ideal location for a private games or other events such as birthday parties, or a boys/girls night out! You can reserve a room with or without the option of bringing in outside food/beverages. Book your room today.

3D Printing

We have the ability to to 3D print plastic and resin objects in store! Now you can have that unique miniature, dice tray, etc. printed just the way you want. We can select a file for you or you can email us the file you want printed. Costs vary based on the object. Call or email for more details.

Food Available

We offer a variety of appetizers, entrees, and beverages, including adult beverages.